TPO Roof Leaks

We have had a couple of days of steady rains here in South Texas. This has the tendency of finding any leaks in a TPO membrane roof. Quick rains don't last long enough to seep through poor welds in the roofing material. Fortunately, we have

2021-05-06 Facility Manager Log

As a Facility Manager, one can often spend time going over the details for the comfort and productivity of the occupants of a building. From time to time, it makes sense to evaluate the comfort and productivity of the Facility Manager as wel

Facility Manager Log 2021-04-28

I spent some time doing employee evaluations today. I do not enjoy doing evaluations as they tend to worry employees if the don't get the highest rating. The thing is, you can't give the highest rating all the time. Otherwise, when they do a

Facility Manager Log 2021-02-25

We are going through preparations for big events this weekend. The work requires preparing for a large number of people who will be attending a concert, an outdoor market, a car show, and a sport card and collectibles show. That is in additi

Facility Manager Log 2021-02-22

After last week's Winter Storm drama, life is returning to normal. We had a beautiful Chamber of Commerce weather over the weekend. It was a great way to relax from the troubles that plagued us during the week. Instead, we have another dram

Facility Manager Log - 2021-02-19

The severe winter weather is still a concern throughout Texas. While temperatures are rising to more comfortable levels, the effects of the winter storm are still lingering. We expect that if there is a power outage, it will likely not be pr

Facility Manager Log 2021-12-18

The severe cold weather continues. Tonight will be another night of below-freezing temperatures. We have activated a couple more rooftop units (RTUs) today. Once tonight's cold weather passes, we will put the building back to normal o

Facility Manager Log 2021-02-17

Just to recap, we are in the midst of a winter storm that has affected the entire state of Texas. Electricity is undergoing rolling blackouts to shed some load on the electrical grid. This has affected our facility as we were down for approx

Facility Manager Log 2021-02-16

Operations for 2021-02-16 consisted of visiting the building throughout the day to find out if power has been restored. Power has been out due to severe winter weather. The electrical panels are shut off to prevent power surge, except for li

Cold Weather Building Operations in South Texas

It is rare that South Texas experiences severe cold weather, which typically means below freezing temperatures. When these conditions do arise, there are some factors that affect the operations of facilities. Some of the problems are interna

Facility Manager Log 2020-12-16

The day started by arriving at work early to block off parking spaces that I would be using for fire extinguisher training. I went outside to assess how many new RV power connectors we would need to set up for our food park. T

Facility Manager Log 2020-12-15

Working as a Facility Manager, one is often at the convergence of management and technical work. Some knowledge of management is necessary to be able to work with budgets, teams, and the C-suite. The job can be largely administrative. Howeve