Blogging Again

Lately, I have not put forth much effort into blogging about Facility Management. The reason is that I had sort of lost my way in developing "my voice" in terms of blogging.

To clarify, I have been trying to write to too many Hive communities at once. This results in a confused message and inconsistent posts. Furthermore, I wound up neglecting the blog.

To get past this problem, I'll be focusing on writing for and incidentally posting to communities. This way, in my mind, I have the one audience.

In the long-term, this should help keep my writing here more of a continuing conversation rather than a journalistic endeavor. The reality is that this is more of a log of what I am doing and learning as a Facility Manager. You are welcome to follow along on my journey.

I plan to flesh out the blog a bit more with additional categories that relate to FM.

I have also decided to be a bit more deliberate with my posts by having graphics and photos when possible. This should help prevent the blog from being too bland.

With that said, check back every now and then for the latest updates. We'll see you around.