Facility Manager Log 2021-02-25

We are going through preparations for big events this weekend. The work requires preparing for a large number of people who will be attending a concert, an outdoor market, a car show, and a sport card and collectibles show. That is in addition to the ordinary food park crowd that turns out every weekend. We are getting our money's worth out of the facility. We have worked out the majority of the logistics.

One item done today was the installation of an articulating TV mount and a TV in our coffee shop. This required having the installers do their part and also having an electrician install a receptacle near the TV. We mounted the TV up high so that people could stand up under it and not bump it with their heads. The articulation is to allow us to move the TV in different directions as needed. A flat mounted TV would not have been adequate.

We had a board meeting today. As employees, it makes sense to attend board meetings to be aware of what is happening within the organization.

In the afternoon, we had the city's Sanitation Department move our trash containers from the front of the building to the alley in the back. This will make it easier for the driver to empty the containers without having to dodge obstacles through the food park. The move is a bit early in the sense that we were expecting to do this later when we had a new enclosure built in the alley. However, another project that needs the old space of the containers moved up the timeline.

We discovered that the plastic tilt truck we intended to use for trash hauling was full of water and nasty trash. We had to empty it and wash the truck. It was a disgusting job. In future, we'll have it sanitized weekly.

There are other preparations in the work, which I am not responsible for getting done. There will be fencing and a stage set up for the concert tomorrow night. Then there will need to be clean up after to make room for the outdoor market and car show on Saturday morning.

That reminds me, I have modified schedules for my custodians to ensure that we have people here over the weekend to keep the place clean during the events. We tried to spread out the work as much as possible so that it's not too much of a burden on any one custodian.

That reminds me, I need to go lock up the electrical room. I opened it up for the electrician this morning. It has been a busy day.