2021-05-06 Facility Manager Log

As a Facility Manager, one can often spend time going over the details for the comfort and productivity of the occupants of a building. From time to time, it makes sense to evaluate the comfort and productivity of the Facility Manager as well.

I spent some time working out my desktop layout. I previously had a Mac Mini and a PC laptop running on my desk. This doesn't work that well as moving files or coordinating between the two isn't possible. It made more sense to get rid of the Mac Mini and set up the laptop with dual screens. Actually, with the laptop's own screen, there are a total of 3 screens on the desk. This makes moving information from one place to another seamless. It is a simple matter to traverse screens to move informtion to and fro.

Another advantage is that the laptop is easily unplugged and ported along as needed. Only two connections are necessary. One is the power for the laptop. The other connection is the USB cable to the docking station, which also serves video to the external monitors.

Another venture today is to think through how work flows through my office. I am considering the creation of forms to facilitate tracking work. There is the old saying that if you don't measure, you don't control. This is something that wil require significant time to figure out. I have long recognized the need to establish KPIs for the work I do.

This is all for now. It has been a slow day. Tomorrow may present new challenges.