Facility Manager Log 2021-08-25

Here is what we had going on today.

HVAC Repair


An HVAC technician showed up this morning to install two blower motors on separate rooftop units that were diagnosed last week. The work has restored the units to full function. The rooms have cooled and dehumidified.


I had to call the landscaper whose proposal I accepted to install shrubs in the front of our building. He had offered to stop by and bring some samples of Texas sage, potato vine, and fire bush so we could figure out a layout prior to install. But, he never showed up. This is the part of the job where communication skills are important.

Administrative Work

I spent a good part of the day going through papers on my desk, filing the important stuff, shredding the junk, and updating electronic records. This is all to serve the ability to find information when I need it. As an organization, we have annual audits. I am glad to say that my meticulous record-keeping has helped me produce documents when requested. All my work is documented. All my paper documents are scanned and stored as a backup in case the original ever gets misplaced. This took up the majority of today.


We are pending some repairs to the TPO membrane on the roof. A couple of the leaks that were supposed to have been repaired leaked again. So, I'm having the roof techs take another shot at finding the leaks. And, there is a larger leak that has surfaced that I'm more concerned about. We have the crew coming to do the repairs on Friday. I'll post the update on that.

That's all for today.