Facility Manager Log 2021-02-22

After last week's Winter Storm drama, life is returning to normal. We had a beautiful Chamber of Commerce weather over the weekend. It was a great way to relax from the troubles that plagued us during the week. Instead, we have another drama coming up over the weekend. We have a series of events at our food park that require some preparation.

Work today involved messaging the landscaping contractor for some of the tasks I want done next time their crew comes up. Also, I'm putting together the scope of work to have another landscaping company send us a proposal. It doesn't hurt to shop around to make sure we are getting a good deal.

A contractor will be installing an articulating TV mount in our coffee shop so that we can run advertisements on a loop. This requires installing the mount and also relocating an electrical receptacle up near the TV location so that the power cord is not dangling.

One of the casualties of the freezing weather was a mini-split air conditioner. I had a technician come and take a look. He said that it only needed to be reset. Next time, we will try that before having a technician dispatched. He also notified me that the extractor fan for the kitchen is making a lot of noise. It is about to fail. I'll have to get that serviced.

Regarding the events this weekend, besides the regular food park traffic, there will be a car show, a market, a concert, and a sports cards and collectibles show. Fortunately, the event organizers are doing a majority of the work. However, we are still responsible for keeping the bathrooms clean and sanitizing the building afterwards. I have a loose plan on how this will all be staffed. However, I need to get together with all the organizers to lock down the schedule and be sure I schedule people when they are needed.