Studying With and Chat GPT

Education in any field is important. Facility Management is also a profession that has industry certifications. Principally, you'll strive for the Facility Management Professional certification by the International Facility Management Association, followed by their Certified Facility Manager credential. There is also the ProFM credential.

Studying with Mem and Chat GPT

These certifications are mostly self-study. However, you can pay to have instructor-led classes. The courses provide you a year to read the material and test. They recognize that most Facility Managers have their hands full with their jobs. The material to learn is quite extensive. Yet, they try to make earning the credentials as low friction as possible.

The biggest commitment, in my experience, is making the time to study the material.

To this end, I am experimenting with and ChatGPT to help me study. This takes the form of reading the chapters and underlining the important parts. Afterwards, I'll copy my underlined sections to to create study notes for the quizzes. I'll also use ChatGPT to convert those notes into a summary. It's nothing superhuman. It just takes out some of the drudgery of studying.

This is the first time doing this. I don't know how effective it will be. Ultimately, it's still up to me to read and learn to prepare for the test.