Facility Manager Log 2020-12-16

  • The day started by arriving at work early to block off parking spaces that I would be using for fire extinguisher training.
  • I went outside to assess how many new RV power connectors we would need to set up for our food park. The work will also require setting up water connections for the food trucks. This will require finding contractors to make proposals for the work to be done. I took inventory of how many of our existing food trucks use 220V vs 110V. It looks like a majority of them may use 220V connectors though their appliances may rely on 110V.
  • Tenant requires four more keys to distribute to employees. This avoids having to pass the key around. Need to make copies. Update key inventory log when issued. However, I did not get a chance to do it today. I'll have to go to the locksmith tomorrow.
  • Received one skid of pop up tents to be used for a weekend outdoor event. I had the driver unload them in our outdoor storage area.
  • Set up classroom for the fire extinguisher instruction. Also provided water hose for the instructors to fill the flame pit. I also attended the class to assist with other needs, such as clean up afterwards.
  • Worked with assistant to develop a form that we can use to assign and track areas to be sanitized every morning. I had to sit down and draw up another list by hand until we have a form ready to use.
  • After close, I am thinking over all of the work of the day and making notes about what needs to be done tomorrow.

Today was a productive day in that I received part of the equipment needed for the event this weekend. I also made good connections with our Fire Department, which would be useful in future. Given time constraints, all I could do is set up for tomorrow when I have more time to dedicate to moving projects forward.